Midnight Sun Trekking
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Our program will take place in the Swedish part of Lapland, a region that encompasses a vast territory from Northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, extending to the Kola Peninsula, in Russian territory. It is already in the Arctic Circle, characterized by its unique flora and fauna as well as being the habitat of the famous Sami people. Our trekking will take place in one of the largest protected areas in Europe and in one of the wildest places on the old continent. Given its location in the North, and the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun during the summer in the Northern Hemisphere, in some months of the year we can have no night and observe the famous Midnight Sun. It will be during this period that our program, the Trekking of the Midnight Sun, will take place. With a trekking through such faraway and magical lands and a day in cosmopolitan Stockholm, this trip is a real surprise with unique nuances every day!

HIGHLIGHTS - Discover one of the wildest regions of the old continent;
- Explore one of the largest protected areas in Europe;
- Get in touch with the unique fauna and flora of the Arctic Circle;
- Learn about the culture and history of the Sami people;
- Come and observe the unique phenomenon of the midnight sun;
- Indulge in some of the delicacies of this region.

PREREQUISITES - This activity does not require previous experience, but you must be in good physical condition and have no health problems

DURATION 10 days




Day 1 – Travel to Stockholm and connection to the start of the Trekking Day 2 – 1st Trekking Day Day 3 – 2nd Trekking Day Day 4 – 3rd Trekking Day Day 5 – 4th Trekking Day Day 6 – 5th Trekking Day Day 7 – 6th Trekking Day Day 8 – Return to Stockholm Day 9 – Stockholm Day 10 – Return trip


– Minimum number of participants: 8 – Maximum number of participants: 12 – Special conditions for groups – Outside is a certified travel agency (RNATV 4341) and is able to book flights on behalf of participants, unless participants prefer to book their flights individually. There is no additional cost service


- Five nights in a mountain retreat (shared rooms) - One night in a hostel (shared rooms) - One night in a hotel (twin room) - Two nights by train (cabin for 3-6 people) - Six dinners - Six breakfasts - Travel and transfers within the program


– Travel expenses until the start of the program (round trip flights) - Three dinners (one in the city and two on the train) - Two breakfasts - Daily Food - Extra transport in the city - Specific clothing and footwear - Any item not listed as included