Classic Climbing
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The aim of this course is to enable participants to climb on unequipped routes in a safe way. This program is mainly focused on providing participants with knowledge and practice that will allow them to climb confidently with protections placed by them.

Highlights - Introduce yourself to the world of adventure climbing
- Explore the endless possibilities of traditional climbing
- Discover some of the most beautiful places in Portugal

Pre-Requirements – To have experience in sport climbing or have attended the Introduction to Rock Climbing Course

Duration 40h
- 4h of theory given in one after work class
- 36h of practice given in two weekends

Physical Difficulty

Technical Level


- Used material – individual and collective - Land Evaluation - Fundamental knots and accessories - Movable Protective placement - Assembly meetings - Safety system with double strings - Shock Force and fall factor - Tops guides interpretation and sketches


– Minimum number of participants: 3 – Maximum number of participants: 6


– Support of 1 OUTSIDE instructor per 3 participants – Safety equipment – Training manual – Activity insurance

Not Included

– Transport to activity starting pointt – Unspecified meals – Specific footwear and clothing