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Privacy Policy

By accessing pages of the website OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.), you are agreeing to its terms and conditions. All copyright, trademark, and others used on this website are owned by Life Outside Lda. and are protected by copyright.

No commercial use can be made by or through this website. Therefore, it is prohibited to copy, modify, distribute, display, reproduce, publish, transfer or sell any information, products or services obtained through this website.

OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) reserves the right to enter, modify and/or remove, without notice, any information contained on its website. The user is responsible to review the entire contents of the website pages each time he/she views or buys a product from OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.), and the conditions will be those contracted at the time of purchase.

The client enrolled in an OUTSIDE program (Life Outside Lda.) authorizes that their personal data (information on health, food preferences, or other), provided when purchasing a product, can be provided to OUTSIDE partners (Life Outside Lda.) for safeguarding and securing the contentment of participants in the activities. If the activity is held abroad, the customer also gives consent to transmit all of the above information, to competent authorities for border control and security on flights.

All data collected through the registration on the website (Newsletter) is confidential and intended for OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) customer and product management, marketing campaigns / own advertising and also to inform customers of changes in the website operation or in OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.). However, all data provided is confidential and will be used to reach out to customers offering products that best suit his/her preferences and the news from OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.), as well as to improve our services.