Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are intended to establish the assumptions and conditions that will define and govern the provision of OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) services, based in Espaço Amoreiras - Business Centre, Rua João V Nº 24, 1:01 , 1250-091 Lisbon, registered at Conservatória do Registo Comercial R.N.P.C. (Registo Nacional de Pessoas Colectivas) with the single registration and legal person 510,902,472, National Register of Travel Agencies (RNAVT) No. 4341 and National Register Animation Tourism Agents (RNAAT) 1/2014 on Tourism Portugal , Recognized as Nature Tourism by ICNB.

The travel arrangements, touristic entertainment activities and training are the responsibility of OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.), in accordance with the terms and conditions here established. The Terms and Conditions are complemented by the program of each activity (adventure trips, experiences, courses), which are the particular conditions of service. By hiring OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.), the customer acknowledges and accepts all terms and conditions here established.

When enrolling in an OUTSIDE program (Life Outside Lda.), the customer undertakes several commitments: - Having taken note and accepted all points defined in the Terms and Conditions as well as the specific conditions of participation in a particular activity (adventure trips, experiences, courses); - Understands what is the appropriate health conditions for the program and accepts the nature of it, including the risks involved in the activities and the impossibility of immediate access to medical care; - Being aware of the type of physical, psychological and cultural requirements that some of the adventure trips or activities may involve, like unforeseen situations.


The experiences, adventure trips and courses OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) are under the law, covered by the following insurance: EXPERIENCES and COURSES

- Liability Insurance - Policy No. 9258542 Fidelidade Seguros - Personal Accident Insurance - Policy No. AG63114963 Fidelidade Seguros


- Liability Insurance - Policy Nº9258544 Fidelidade Seguros (Travel Agency)

The Customer is obliged to possess or acquire a specific insurance for any OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) activity: Experiences, course, program or trip. This can be accomplished by OUTSIDE (Life Outside Ltd.) or not. The insurance must be appropriate for the type, duration, and location of the activity or trip. By not getting insurance or inadequate insurance subscribing to a duration, type and location/destination activity (experiences, course, program or trip), the customer automatically exempts OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) as well as all its partners providers of services, from any and all liability relating to consequential damages and costs associated to what the Customer incurs for not carrying the insurance recommended by OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.).


Registration for any activity will only be validated after full payment or deposit of 25% of the total value of the service (adventure trips, experiences, courses). The customer agrees to pay the remaining cost of the service, 75%, 30 days before the start of the program. If enrolment takes place 30 days or less from the date of the start of the program, the total price must be paid upon registration. OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) reserves the right to cancel any registration for which payment has not been made in accordance with the above conditions. Minors must submit a waiver signed by parent or responsible guardian.

Dates changes

Customers after having enrolled in an activity or program, cannot change registration to another date or to another program without the consent of OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.). If it is possible to make the change, it may be subjected to additional expenditures and charges considered on the Withdrawal point.

Assignment of Contractual Position (Description)

Customers may cancel the registration and be represented by another person in the entered program. For this to happen, customers have to fulfil three conditions: - The replacement person fulfils all the requirements to travel (health, fitness, availability for the dates in question, required documents, etc.); - The Customer must notify OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) in writing, with a minimum of 15 days before the departure date (if the program involves air travel) and 7 days for other activities; - Service providers, including transport companies, associated with travel and activities have to accept the replacement.

If these three conditions are not met simultaneously, it is assumed that the client gave up and lost the right to the service.

If the customer wants to transfer their registration to a person of the opposite sex, they may be subjected to the payment of the accommodation supplement or other costs of similar nature, if it is not in the program that signed up initially or in the case of not being possible to group the new participant with another person of the same sex.


OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) can change routes, trips, schedules, replace housing or transport provided whenever there are appropriate reasons (weather, logistical problems, others). If for some unforeseen and exceptional reason OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) is required to cancel an activity/service (adventure trips, experiences, courses), the client can perform the activity at a later date or has the right to refund of the paid amount.

Use of Customer Information

The Customer gives express consent that all information, including personal data provided when registering for a service involving traveling abroad, can be transmitted to government and security authorities in border control and security in air travel. The Customer gives express consent that all information, including personal data, provided at registration, can be provided to local partners, to help implement the program, particularly with regards to food preferences, health information or other.

Meeting point and start operation

All OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) adventure trips include the monitoring of at least one member of the OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) team, which will guide and structure the activity. It also includes if necessary, all the specialized equipment and technical support material. When necessary, the air travel that leads the Customer to the place of commencement of the activity can be bought through OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) or acquired directly by the customer. Whenever involves car trips to the place of beginning of the program, OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) will have an active role in organizing and facilitating the exchange of contacts between participants in order to group customers by nearby geographical areas. However, OUTSIDE does not sell this service. In either case, it is the customer's responsibility to be at the agreed time and location for the start of the activity.

Impossibility of Program Implementation

It is always a priority for OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) to fully carry out the proposed activity. If due to unfavourable weather, insufficient conditions or for security reasons the program cannot take place, OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) may need to change or cancel it, in the days that precede or, ultimately, after. Participants will be notified and informed of the decision. In these cases, customers will always be presented with alternative dates for the implementation of the program.

Impossibility of Compliance

If for some or several reasons not attributable to OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.), the company is unable to comply with any essential service to the program, the customer has the right to withdraw from the program, immediately refunded of all amounts paid or accept a change in the contract and any change in price. If for the same reasons not attributable to OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.), a program cannot take place, the customer may still choose to participate in another equivalent price program. If the program in question is a lower price, the customer will be refunded the value of the difference. The Customer shall notify OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) his/her decision within 7 days after being notified of the failure to comply with any of the points of the service contract.

Minimum Number of Participants

Each activity (experiences, course, program or trip) led by OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) has a minimum number of participants. In the case of this minimum not being met, OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) may cancel the activity or program. In these situations, customers will be informed of the cancellation in writing 15 days before the start date of the same, being refunded of all amounts paid, allowing OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) to be free from any claims of the cancellation.


The places where OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) programs/trips take place are isolated and remote. So the offer in terms of accommodation, restaurants, and other services is limited. Therefore, the only way to guarantee availability is by making reservations well in advance.
In case of withdrawal, OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) will retain the following amounts, delivered by the customer, according to the period in which the withdrawal occurs:
· 15% of the total amount will not be refunded if the reservation is canceled until 30 days before the program start date;
· 25% of the total amount will not be refunded if the reservation is canceled less than 30 days before the program start date;
· 50% of the total amount will not be refunded if the reservation is canceled less than 21 days before the program start date;
· 75% of the total amount will not be refunded if the reservation is canceled less than 14 days before the program start date;
· 100% of the total amount will not be refunded if the reservation is canceled less than 7 days before the start of the program.

The customer also loses the value of all additional services on its his/ her orders and does not have recoverable charges. Whenever air travel is involved, the repayment terms of tickets depend on the specific conditions of each reserve and the airline's responsibility. By the cancellation of a plane ticket, the client will be refunded the refundable share by OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) according to the specific conditions of the reservation set by the airline. After the reimbursement by the airline, OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) may charge up to 15% of the airline ticket. In some cases, the refund will be made directly to the customer. Any insurance (travel, business, or other) after the booking cannot be refunded. Visas after being ordered at embassies or other entities cannot be reimbursed, as well.


The activities that last for more than one day, where it is necessary to ensure overnight stays, OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) strives for double rooms (two people). In some cases, as stated in the program, the housing may be in triple rooms or more people (dorms or other). OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) will group customers who individually enrol in pairs, by sex and chronological order of registration, unless they pay the supplement for single accommodation, which is possible and available. In some situations, due to the characteristics of housing, separation by gender may not be possible.

Time of Flight Travel and Other Means of Transport

Adventure trips involving air travel, the departure and arrival will be in accordance with the times set by the airlines, in the publication of information about the adventure trips, and according to the local time of the country of arrival. Thus, these times may change. Note that, can always be delayed for reasons related to airlines (delays, strikes, technical problems, etc.). The customer should always check the timetable of each flight, printed on the ticket, and confirm the return flight with the airline, with 72 hours in advance.


In services involving travel outside the country, by plane or other means of transport, it is of customer’s responsibility to bring all the necessary documentation (identity card, citizenship card, passport, military documentation, authorization for minors, visas, vaccines certificates and other as may be necessary). OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) has no liability for failure of entry clearance in the country or refusal to grant visas to a Client. In this case, apply the conditions set out in paragraph Dropouts, Customer's responsibility and any costs that such a situation may entail.


OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) is not responsible, in any situation, for baggage and belongings that customers can carry, whatever the means of transport in question. It is recommended to the customer to hire a luggage insurance covering any damage or problems (theft, loss, destruction, etc.), and that is always present in the loading and unloading thereof. In case of damage, theft, loss or destruction of baggage, the customer must claim immediately in writing with the service provider identity and/or custody of whose luggage were deposited, keeping a copy of the complaint. The responsibility of OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) may only be exercised by submitting the complaint evidence referred to in the previous paragraph.

Material and Equipment

All materials and individual equipment is the customer's responsibility. Customers should take all necessary equipment referred to in the listing of the activity program, delivered upon registration. OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) is not responsible for any lack of equipment or material that participants are required to take. The material considered collective and specialized technical material lies with OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.). In situations where OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) lends material, participants have the responsibility to keep it organized, packaged appropriately and returned at the end of the activity, in the same condition as received. Failure to return, loss or damage requires the customer to pay the full value of the equipment or material in question.


After starting a program, a refund for unused services cannot be made by the Customer. Failure to provide services guaranteed in the program for reasons that cannot be attributed to OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) and, if it is not possible to replace an equivalent, it gives the customer the right to be reimbursed for the difference between the price the services provided and the failed services.

Price Changes

Prices of all the activities are in line with the costs of services and exchange rates at the date of the program, so they can be adjusted due to changes in the cost of transport, fuel, taxes or fees chargeable or exchange variations. Whenever there is a modification of a program price, customers will be immediately informed and up to a legal maximum of 21 consecutive days prior to the departure date. If the customer does not agree, he/she can always unsubscribe. The withdrawal from conforms to the point of impossibility Compliance, present in these Terms and Conditions.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

All prices of adventure trips already include Value Added Tax at the standard rate.

Airport taxes

When airport taxes are not included in the price of the plane ticket, these must be paid by the Customer at airports. This value varies according to the country and the airport in question.

Use Image

The use of participants image in OUTSIDE adventure trips (Life Outside Lda.), depends exclusively on the willingness expressed by the Customer. Participants should express your desire in regard to the use of your image by the OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.). If not given such consent, OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.) commits not to use the image of any participant in its adventure trips.


Any claim made to OUTSIDE (Life Outside Lda.), can only be considered if it is made in writing within no more than 15 days period after the conclusion of service delivery. The same complaints can only be accepted if they have been communicated to service providers (shelters, hotels, local agents, etc.) during the course of the program, with the relevant support relating to occurrences in question. Any deriving from this contract to provide services will be settled by the Judicial District Court of Lisbon, expressly waiving any and all matters not governed by these Terms and Conditions will apply to Portuguese law.


This Terms and Conditions are complemented by the program of each activity (experiences, course, program or trip) where the Customer is included, this being the particular conditions. The Terms and Conditions may also be complemented by other specific conditions that will be communicated and sent to you upon registration, or other as agreed by both parties.