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Bobby Furtado
Bob is passionate about sports and travel.

Graduated in Physical Education, after a childhood and youth where he experienced all the sports he could.

During his graduation, he discovered the Outdoors particularly Rock Climbing, Trekking, Mountain Bike and Surfing.

He joined a five-month exchanged program in Finland, volunteered 2 years in Mozambique and worked for three years in Uruguay. It was at this stage that he took the opportunity to travel and get to know South America.

Destinations are a mere excuse to leave for a new trip and a new adventure.
Francisco Silva
Originally from Pinhel in Guarda District, Francisco grew with the Natural Park of the Serra da Estrela as background. His passion for trekking provided him the first contact with mountaineering.

He is a Volunteer Firefighter since a teenager, counting already with 20 years of dedication to the cause: “Life-for-Life”. He has a degree in Nursing and 10 years of experience in medical emergency.

More recently, Francisco has been exploring medical emergency in the wilderness. He has completed courses in Rock Climbing, Mountaineering and Alpinism. The passion for the mountains led him to travel to some of the largest mountain ranges in Spain and North Africa. His next challenge is to climb the highest points in Europe and Africa.
Nuno Gomes
Nuno’s passion for mountain sports was born in the year 2000. Since then he has completed several climbing and mountaineering courses.

The pasion for these Outdoor activities has led him to explore various continents.

From all his adventures the ones that stand out are: sailing for Moscow to Alaska, – a journey through the Atlas Mountains and the Alps , Pyrenees and “our” Serra da Estrela.

He is also a certified rescuer (CEPS ) by the Portuguese Red Cross.

Before joining the Outside team , Nuno walked the full crossing the Pyrenees, through the mythical GR11 route that runs through this mountain range of the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic.
José Bóia
It was for wanting to change his hobbies into his work, that José switched from his Engineering Course to Physical Education.

His passion for sports and the outdoor led him into finding in Trekking, Climbing and Mountain Sports his lifestyle. This pleasure has taken him to some of the most famous mountain ranges in Europe, Asia and North Africa. Bike touring is another passion of his.

On a professional level, besided having been a pysical education instructor, Zé worked for 3 years in the portuguese company Ortik, specialized in Technical Product Development for mountain activities. He was co- founder of an Online Store, which sells material for climbing and mountaineering and well as a trainer in Mountaineering and Climbing. Last and not least he has a great experience as a trekking Guide.

Nadine Pires
From an early age, Nadine's taste for sport led her to taste and practice various activities, being the main one tennis, for more than 10 years.

She participates in several outdoor activities, mainly Rock Climbing and Trekking. In addition to those, she has another passion: Birdwatching. Consequently she spends long periods in Sagres and has visited some of the most beautiful places in Portugal.

Nadine is Biologist specialised in environmental biology and has an MSc in Ecology and Environmental Management.

She has several years of project management experience in environmental consulting.

She has just completed a long-dreamed project a trip to Patagonia.